Knowing me, I am late to yet another glorious ad-band wagon, but here it is:

This Egyptian campaign is flawless! Each spot contains an individual making the same mistake: saying no to the Panda. NEVER SAY NO TO PANDA. It’s simple. Just like the campaign: Which boasts a great concept, with great continuity. Simplicity in it’s finest.

I’m going to go get me some PANDA!



You’ve certainly heard the bed intruder song by now!

I admit readily (although with shame), that I have only recently watched this hilariously catchy news report-remix, which has close to 21,000,000 views to date. This past Friday my Social Uses of New Media professor introduced me to  this amateur remix,I had merely heard of. It was love at first listen.

I won’t bother explaining the video, you can watch it:

Remixes, of course, are not new. Not in the least. But schmoyoho’s YouTube Channel is providing groundbreaking material to the user-generated content genre, with their diddy entering the notorious Billboard Top 100, joining acts like Kanye West and Katy Perry.

User generated content is continually expanding and gaining momentum in the age of Web 2.0. If this is the free entertainment I am provided with, then: I am a fan.

Stop motion with paper clips! Another assignment for advertising class, last semester.

This past semester, I took a course called Advertising Techniques, with Dr. Strangelove. We were asked to create a print campaign for any product… I chose Crest toothpaste. Strangelove wanted shocking, witty, and unique. Here are my ads:

Thanks to Bianca, for all of her hard work and Jay, for being a natural with a toothbrush. Also, thanks to Sephora– Rideau Centre, for doing Bianca’s lovely makeup for the shoot!

YouTube. How I haven’t written about thee in nearly a year. 2010 is over three months in… I know I’m a little late, but what will this year bring us in media?

We have already seen the launch of the iPad… oh glorious Apple. And it’s only April.

What YouTube celeberities will be born in the remainder of the year 2010? This little gem has recently been brought to my attention:

Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, a popular tune of ’09, still brings us entertainment in the year 2010.

After a long hiatus, more media analysis to come… Bring me inspiration YouTube, Apple, Twitter…etc. etc.

How to ease back into the blogging world when it is no longer an assignment … when it is no longer forced upon me, no longer a requirement. When inspiration will no longer be drawn from a class that is mandatory.

Summer is here. And I had promised myself that I would continue to blog right through the summer, and into the fall. I would continue to practice my writing skills, with the hopes that people would enjoy what they read (assuming people would actually continue to read my blog.) But alas, it is nearly July. Summer is 50% dissipated. And I have been wasting my time on things like Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and DVD box sets aplenty. Heck, I’ve even been working two part-time jobs which are of no contribution to any sort of satisfaction, (which needless to say, are not relatable to the degree I am pursuing in University)  Yes. I have wasted half my summer. But perhaps the looming fall semester has placed fear within my creative side, “I’d better hop to it, or I’ll whither away!”

I still don’t know what to say, or what to write about. I liked the basic research required of the Media Blog Assignment from the Winter Semester. I liked the inspiration drawn for classes of intelligent lectures. Not this txting, or Twittering, which I’ve become so reliant on during these warm summer months. Where can I be inspired when the most intelligent thing I read today was something along the lines of “OMG!” or  “txt me l8er” (Okay, exaggeration!) But! Where is the good stuff? I’ll find it. 

Consider this an introduction to a summer lost. And a creative mind looking to be found.

To the great disappointment of my boyfriend, I did it… not minutes ago…I caved. I created a Twitter account (to go along side my Facebook and Myspace accounts). I can’t explain why I did it… all I know is Twitter’s popularity is growing and fast. 

Moments after signing up for Twitter, I received a “Welcome to Twitter” email which instantly inspired me to write this blog. The following is what I received:

“Hello, new Twitter-er! 

Using Twitter is going to change the way you think about staying in touch with friends and family. Did you know you can send and receive Twitter updates via mobile texting or the web?”

Twitter is going to change the way I think about staying in touch with friends and family? A bold statement Twitter, a bold statement indeed. Twitter has balls. No other social networking site has flat out TOLD me how I am going to think. But then again, Twitter is attracting the masses.

The same welcoming email goes on to say, “The New York Times calls Twitter “one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet.” TIME Magazine says, “Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app,” and Newsweek noted that “Suddenly, it seems as though all the world’s a-twitter.” What will you think?”  

Well, Twitter, why don’t you tell me what to think! (I’m already bitter, Twitter.) Millions of people are currently active users, so I guess the world is indeed a-twitter.

According to Robin Summerfield’s article Compelled to Share: Is Twitter the Future, or the Future of Navel-Gazing? of the National Post, Twitter can be “billed as a social messaging utility, people use Twitter to send mini-messages and give instant updates about their current state of being and doing. People can join any conversation and there’s no friend status required. It’s called micro-blogging and experts say this social networking trend can help you build your business and career.” Beautifully explained.

Journal article Why We Twitter: Understanding Microblogging Usage and Communities states, “Microblogging is a new form of communication in which users can describe their current status in short posts distributed by instant messages, mobile phones, email or the Web.” (Java A, et al) Microblogging is the future, no more of this “wordpress” nonsense. I’ll say what I need to in 140 characters (a Twitter requirement).

Summerfield states that celebrities including Britney Spears, John Mayer, Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore are all active Twitter users. Mike Strobel’s states in his article, I Tweet Therefore I Am – I Thwink that Twitter went from 6 million users in January of this year, to 10 million this month. I told you, Twitter is popular

What is Twitter?

What is Twitter?

 Come follow:

Chapter 7 of Michael Strangelove’s text The Empire of Mind introduces its readers to Pierre Lévy, an interesting scholar, philosopher and technology specialist. According to, Lévy believes the Internet to have more power than “the printing press, the radio, or the television, because it allows cross communication and better use of collective memory.”

This makes perfect sense: With the Internet, we can be exposed to anything and everything… and nothing disappears from the abyss of cyberspace, memories live longer than we do.

On page 200 of Strangelove’s text, Lévy states that cyberspace “is the catalyst that will perfect cultural and biological evolution and deliver control over our collective identity.” He goes on to say, “through cyberspace we will learn everything that is possible to learn.”  The views of this French philosopher are indeed “breathtaking” as Strangelove states in his text.

Lévy believes  “whomever can formulate a question, all will become visible.” (pg. 200) And I have to agree completely. Through the likes of the Internet I can find the answers to all of life’s undying questions- any tiny bit of information I so desire seems to exist on the Internet  and every time I need to prove someone wrong, the Internet’s got it covered for me.  The points raised by Lévy seem…so true.

Lévy believes that the Internet “will enhance human cognition and make us smarter and better.” (pg. 201) The Internet provides information to us at our every whim. With the Internet we can we find outlets for great amounts creativity: Blogging, vlogging and amateur videos, to name a few prime examples. 

Pierre Lévy is smart, but not as smart as the Internet.

The Internet Wont Disappear

The Internet Won't Disappear

According to our beloved Wikipedia, a viral video can be defined as “a video clip that gains widespread popularity through the process of Internet sharing, typically through email or IM messages.”

I recently came across the most comprehensive and detailed viral video website ever!!!!!!!!! (And by the amount of exclamation points used, I truly don’t believe this to be a hyperbole.) The website is called Viral Video Chart, and I strongly urge you to check it out!

The home page lists the top 20 most recent viral videos online. The site also includes very interesting statistics, including: number of views per video, “the buzz by language”, and blogs written about the videos.

Needless to say, my YouTube Reflection du jour will focus on the top viral video within the last 24 hours: Extreme Sheep LED Art:

The video was posted to YouTube on March 16, 2009 and already has over 1,100,000 views. 

The following are the video statistics for the video according to

  • Viral sharing of this video: Spreading across the interweb like Wildfire!
  • Discovered 17 Mar 2009
  • 830 blog posts

Yet another unique video has been added to the repertoire of online popular culture. This video combines art and… sheep. Clearly a very complicated video which must have taken hours to compile. I’m just excited to see the inevitable video responses and spoofs that will occur in the near future!

As for, let’s just say a lot more of my leisurely time will be spent watching such videos as “Flight Attendant doing raps!!”  and “BEST DUNK EVER! BACKFLIP! “Ah yes. The internet. Always giving me what I want.

This YouTube reflection will be short: If you love old people, and you love rap, then the following video is perfect for you:


Personally, I can think of little that is more entertaining than watching a group of elderly people perform popular rap and R&B hits, including: Eminem’s Lose Yourself,  OutKast’s Hey-Ya, and the McHammer’s U Can’t Touch This.

They call themselves the Funky Fresh Sr. Choir, and they are available for wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs and private parties. 

Through the likes of YouTube, viewers can be exposed to videos such as this, which put a new spin on popular culture as we know it. YouTube exposes its viewers to new genres of entertainment… because surely this isn’t something one would see everyday.