“Internet culture could continue to persist in the future, or it could die off like the pet rock.”  -Dr. Strangelove



I will say this without any hint of doubt: Internet Culture will persist. Persist. Persist. Persist. In the most obnoxious ways possible: Internet Culture will live on, grow and expand. Take over the world as we 21st century beings know it. How can I be so confident? 


This is how.

If videos like the embarrassing Scarlet Takes a Tumble generate nearly a million views in a few short months… then the state of Internet Culture can only be that of persistence. In-your-face-persistence. Overpowering persistence. It will not die. It will grow into something bigger and stronger.  Because we, as society, want more. We thrive on what the Internet has to offer.

We watch it. We talk about it. We live it.

We want more overweight youth tumbling over, we want more children getting kicked in the face by breakdancers, more yoga-ball violence. We want it all and we want more- and the Internet satisfies this desire. If we can’t have it, we create it, adding to the more unecessarily necessary videos that the world of the Internet has to offer. 

And of course, it is not just Youtube or Google Video that we all love so desperately. It goes without saying that the youth of today is reliant on sites such as Facebook and Myspace. The internet has taken over our lives. Our essence. Who we are as human beings can be perused and scrutinized in great detail on sites like Facebook, our darkest secrets exposed through personal and detailed blogs. We plan our weekends by writing on each others walls, instead of picking up a telephone. We then post our weekend-party-shots online, for all to see. And we hope they see. 

Authors (as well as professors at the University of Toronto) of the article entitled, The Global Villagers: Comparing Internet Users And Uses Around the World, Wenhong Chen, Jeffrey Boase, and Barry Wellman state,  “As the Internet evolves, its users and uses grow and diversify globally. Social research about the Internet has followed the spread of the Internet itself.”

The Internet expands daily, spreads socially through the likes of YouTube, social networking sites like Facebook, email…the list goes on and on. The Internet is alive and well.