“Appropriation often refers to the use of borrowed elements in the creation of new work”, which today enjoys its prevalence online, specifically on YouTube. For example: films are edited, spliced, reworked, and mixed with a new soundtrack to give something, such as a movie trailer, or film, a new feel or emotion which was not initially intended by the original creator.

I find the number of appropriated movie trailers found on YouTube to be quite interesting: The story of Mary Poppins, turned into Scary Mary; The Shining, an upbeat tale of a man and a young boy; the Lion King, in which Simba and Nala go psycho… the list goes on.

As quoted by Henry Jenkins, “one of the real potentials of cyberspace is that it is altering the balance of power between media producers and media consumers.” It seems that many are no longer merely consumers, but also the producers themselves. Amateur creativity is at the tips of each of our fat little fingers. With the ever-expansion of media and technology, creativity (by which I mean appropriation, parodying and spoofing) is endless.

So, why are people on YouTube appropriating and parodying the existing works created by others? This I cannot answer: but solid entertainment seems to be the best response that comes to mind. It is an era of entertainment: to entertain and to be entertained.