I just found the most simultaneously irritating and entertaining YouTube channel of all time…or maybe just this week: iJustine.

She’s blonde. She’s beautiful. She’s Justine Ezarik, the 24-year-old YouTube user, Twitter user, Myspace user, Flickr user and avid blogger. She’s a self-proclaimed “media chick”.  And after watching only a few short videos, this woman is clearly an enthusiastic Apple User too.

Justine’s YouTube videos seem to be divided into four categories, which include:

  • “Apple Store Videos” Following Justine’s visits into Apple stores across the USA.
  • Mozy Commercials” Commercials Justine has participated in.
  • “Must see iJustine Movies” The best of the best.
  • Ask iJ” In which the viewer can ask Justine any question through any online medium she currently uses. She responds to inquiries in form of video.

Her style is improv: she simply speaks into her webcam, or hand held camera and freely speaks her mind- usually on tech-related or media based topics. According to an article in Advertising Age, by Michael Learmonth, entitled, “AT&T’s iJustine Web Series Doesn’t Exactly Go Viral” her videos have earned 25 million views online, 16 million of which are from YouTube. 

The following video “300-Page-iPhone-Bill” is the video that unquestionably created instant online stardom and celebrity status for Ezarik. The camera watches as she opens an iPhone bill sent from her provider AT&T, which was sent to Ezarik in a box and was 300 pages long. The video focuses on the obvious paper-waste of the bill’s size. Please watch:

Couple this video with the hundreds of others created by Ezarik, and you’ve got yet another pop culture amateur online hit! With a collective 25 million views, and target viewers believed by Ezarik to by between the ages of 11-18, her videos further depict the direction in which popular culture and mass media are going. We love the amateurs!

Not only can the youth of today find role models traditionally, through the likes of celebrities: singers and movie stars, but also through the means of online amateur videos, which allow viewers to connect as well as be entertained by everyday people.