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Knowing me, I am late to yet another glorious ad-band wagon, but here it is:

This Egyptian campaign is flawless! Each spot contains an individual making the same mistake: saying no to the Panda. NEVER SAY NO TO PANDA. It’s simple. Just like the campaign: Which boasts a great concept, with great continuity. Simplicity in it’s finest.

I’m going to go get me some PANDA!



You’ve certainly heard the bed intruder song by now!

I admit readily (although with shame), that I have only recently watched this hilariously catchy news report-remix, which has close to 21,000,000 views to date. This past Friday my Social Uses of New Media professor introduced me to  this amateur remix,I had merely heard of. It was love at first listen.

I won’t bother explaining the video, you can watch it:

Remixes, of course, are not new. Not in the least. But schmoyoho’s YouTube Channel is providing groundbreaking material to the user-generated content genre, with their diddy entering the notorious Billboard Top 100, joining acts like Kanye West and Katy Perry.

User generated content is continually expanding and gaining momentum in the age of Web 2.0. If this is the free entertainment I am provided with, then: I am a fan.