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Ah yes, the cell phone. The camera. Both of which are incredible advances in modern technology, and amalgamated together is a combination that is quickly destroying privacy; adding to the tirade of viral videos on YouTube. A force to be reckoned with! THE CELL PHONE-CAMERA!

No longer can one pick their nose in the car freely, dance like crazy in their bedrooms or trip down a flight of stairs- without the potential for all to see.

According to the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention & Innovation, Daniel A. Henderson created the first prototype for this masterpiece in 1993. I suspect no one at the time would have fathomed such an enormous impact on the cellular phone market, on the Internet…  or on the entire world.

The cell phone no doubt contributes to thousands of videos and photos posted online each day. Perhaps the most popular video captured by a cell-phone camera to date was that of the execution of Saddam Hussien. No longer can one be executed without the potential for all to see. stated that, as of November 2007, “worldwide mobile telephone subscriptions reached 3.3 billion – equivalent to half the global population.” Wow. Half the Earth’s population are cell phone users. I can only imagine how many have cameras integrated within them. Very few people today do not own a cell phone; one being my media professor, Dr. Strangelove. (Kudos!)

The world today is dependent on technology, we need it to connect to information, stay in touch… and we need it to film and document nearly every occurrence in our lives.

Countless celebrities have been captured on cell phone cameras, often in risqué situations, or private moments. Miley Cyrus (or Hannah Montana as the 6 year olds know her) being the current leading example.  Recent photos have been leaked of the 16-year-old star in provocative and personal poses.

Thank God for Cell-Phone Cameras!

Miley Cyrus. I don't think I was supposed to see this.

So is the cell-phone camera movement a good thing? Does society really need to incessantly document every minuscule event that occurs? Memories don’t hold the same merit when one can post their photos online just seconds after they are taken.

Last Night's Dinner. Thank God For Cell-Phone Cameras.

Last Night's Dinner. Thank God For Cell-Phone Cameras.



I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was eighteen and upon reflection, I remember very few of my friends owning a cell phone during High School- this was a mere four years ago. That seems absolutely insane now. Ridiculous. My sister is 15, and she’s had hers for years. Maybe its because I am the oldest and just jealous of how easy-peasy the youngsters have it, or maybe I find this cell-phone generation scary. 

Do children REALLY need cellphones… I mean there are telephones on school property, and landlines inside every retailer. It’s scary. What are these kids saying to each other in these texts of theirs. Secrets. Texting gives children more freedom than the internet could ever provide. With the internet, parents actually have the option of monitoring their kids. With texting, it’s a big mess of sloppy grammar and crazy adolescent secrets. Secrets, I tell you. Cell phones keep kids connected. But I guarantee very little of their cellphone use is with their parents.

According to the University of Washington’s Crispin Thurlow and his article entitled, Generation Txt? The Sociolinguistics of Young People’s Text-Messaging (which observes cellular use among teens, specifically texting),”From a more academic perspective, cite figures estimate that the worldwide usership of mobile phones is approaching a billion.” Wow. Thurlow goes on to state of text messaging, “It seems that these technologies for communication have become an essential feature of both popular and commercial rhetoric about new media cultures and especially of so called ‘global communications’.” Interesting points.

Here is a quote that is actually quite interesting, and further illustrates my point (or rather, rant):

Renee Craig, expert author of Ezine Articles (Do You Really Know Who Your Kids Are Texting) said, “Recent research has linked lowered test scores among 15-year olds with the growing trend of text messaging. Kids are going to school too tired to learn because of the temptation of late-night texting. It seems to have become the latest teenage obsession, ranking at the top of the list with video games.” 

Hmm. Kids are too tired to learn? I’m not so confident in the future of tomorrow. If this generation is already reliant on technology, and completely losing interest in lowly things such as learning and sleep… what will the future bring? And who is to blame?

I truly believe the media affects us. It effects the way our youth act, and it effects the way our parents do their parenting. The media might as well call all of the shots. Because we don’t have control.