It’s irritating when people willingly put themselves out there- on youtube, for all to see, and then get upset when they do not receive 100,000,000 comments containing praise and complements… not everyone will care for what an extreme feminist has to say.

A portion of last night’s lecture was dedicated to amateur videos posted on youtube, with specific references to “being a chick on youtube.” I find this laughable. As a female, I have no tolerance for extreme feminists. I find it boring and overplayed. Equality seems prevalent here, where I live. Of course, I am thankful for what women have done for equality rights in the past…bla bla. Not the point. 

Should have put a ring on it..

Should have put a ring on it..

Here is my point- these women choose to go online, and speak their minds. If they are intelligent (which they truly seem to be): they know that people are going to have ignorant things to say… that is the way this world works. It is full of ignorant men (and women) who says things without an ounce of intelligence. WHO CARES.

These women should be happy that the discourteous are viewing their videos, regardless of the responses. Isn’t it better to have 15,000 views than 150? Intelligent men and women will read the irrelevant and stupid comments and know the kind of people who are writing them aren’t worth getting all up-in-arms about. Watching a disgruntled feminist rant on and on only hurts her case. People like me will see it, and roll their eyes.

I know the internet is full of lame-wad-misogynists. We all do. SO feminists move on, focus on something that will make whatever further improvements and changes they feel necessary. No more wasting time. Mine and yours.

Here’s somethings irrelevant, but should cheer you up: