How to ease back into the blogging world when it is no longer an assignment … when it is no longer forced upon me, no longer a requirement. When inspiration will no longer be drawn from a class that is mandatory.

Summer is here. And I had promised myself that I would continue to blog right through the summer, and into the fall. I would continue to practice my writing skills, with the hopes that people would enjoy what they read (assuming people would actually continue to read my blog.) But alas, it is nearly July. Summer is 50% dissipated. And I have been wasting my time on things like Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and DVD box sets aplenty. Heck, I’ve even been working two part-time jobs which are of no contribution to any sort of satisfaction, (which needless to say, are not relatable to the degree I am pursuing in University)  Yes. I have wasted half my summer. But perhaps the looming fall semester has placed fear within my creative side, “I’d better hop to it, or I’ll whither away!”

I still don’t know what to say, or what to write about. I liked the basic research required of the Media Blog Assignment from the Winter Semester. I liked the inspiration drawn for classes of intelligent lectures. Not this txting, or Twittering, which I’ve become so reliant on during these warm summer months. Where can I be inspired when the most intelligent thing I read today was something along the lines of “OMG!” or  “txt me l8er” (Okay, exaggeration!) But! Where is the good stuff? I’ll find it. 

Consider this an introduction to a summer lost. And a creative mind looking to be found.